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Atmospheric Thermoelectric Module Evaluation System: 'F-PEM'

YOKOHAMA, Japan, Nov 24, 2016 -  ADVANCE RIKO, a supplier of advanced thermal management and evaluation systems, has developed a new system which evaluates thermoelectric modules (TEMs) that generate power from waste heat in the atmosphere. Based on patents developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), the new 'F-PEM' Atmospheric Thermoelectric Module Evaluation System goes on sale from November 2016.

Technologies using new methods to recover waste heat emitted from devices including incinerators and engine rooms and converting it into renewable energy have attracted growing attention. Among them, conversion of thermal energy into electricity using thermoelectric materials without any moving parts has drawn particular interest as a maintenance-free and clean technologies.

​ADVANCE RIKO has traditionally provided thermoelectric material and module evaluation systems used in developing power generation technologies. The F-PEM Evaluation System, however, has been designed to operate in harsher environments where thermoelectric modules are actually deployed, evaluating temperature differences, maximum power generation and heat flow, and calculating conversion efficiency.

Evaluation testing by long-term operation and thermal cycling can also be performed not only for developing new modules, but for evaluating durability under conditions in which commercial modules are actually installed as well.

- Module output can be evaluated due to continuous load at high temperature
- Repeated Pmax measurement at regular intervals while applying long load
- Measurement applying constant load as well as module environment

- Evaluation of module's maximum power and heat flow in atmosphere under load
- Calculate module's conversion efficiency from maximum power and heat flow
- Evaluation measure of module's long-term durability

- Measurement: Power generation, heat flow and thermoelectric conversion efficiency
- Temperature range: Room temperature to 600 deg C (heat value)
- Sample size: 40mm (square)
- Measuring atmosphere: Atmosphere

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