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Fuji Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of SPS technology. Fuji-SPS researches and develops next generation Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) technology and fabricating systems for leading edge High Energy Density Processing. Fuji-SPS takes pride in manufacturing, marketing, and servicing the finest machines and products internationally, over 30 years of experience the field of SPS and have provided not only SPS hardware but also a consistent service for powder metallurgy and sintering technology.

Together with over 60 years of experience in "Dielectric heating" and "Induction heating" of FUJI ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd., We are only SPS manufacturer with this range and depth of experience and world's Best Proven and trusted SPS Manufacturer

Milestone of SPS SYNTEX INC to Fuji Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
1990     Dr. SINTER was developed by Sumitomo Coal Mining Co., Ltd.
2005     SPS SYNTEX INC. established as a joint venture between Sojitz Corporation and

              Sumitomo Coal Mining Co., Ltd. 60% of share by Sojitz and 40% by Sumitomo Coal Mining.
2011     Business Transfered from SPS SYNTEX INC. to FUJI ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

Pioneer of SPS Technology
Spark Plasma Sintering ( SPS ) is a newly developed synthesis process employing ON-OFF pulse DC voltage / current which has received considerable attention in the field of advanced new material development. It is very effective for the development of new materials which have previously been difficult to fabricate. As a pioneer with over 30 years of experience, FUJI-SPS are proud of providing advanced, highly developed and robust SPS systems.

Fuji Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Fuji Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.

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