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ADVANCE RIKO Launches    Mini Lamp Annealer, Model: MILA-5050

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ADVANCE RIKO, Inc. has developed a new version of MILA-5000 series, 'Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-5050', which enables heat treatment up to 50mm square size.

Mini Lamp Annealer MILA 5000 series has contributed to the research of various materials and the developments of heat treatment technique etc in a wide range fields.

However, recently we had received a lot of requests from customers to enlarge the sample size because the current model has limitation of maximum size as 20mm square. Therefore we have developed 'MILA-5050', which enables heat treatment up to 50 mm square size with keeping high-performance and compact design and low cost after reviewing the furnace structure and layout.

- Capable of making heat treatment for the sample size up to maximum 50mm(W) x 50mm(L)
- Maximum temperature: 1200 degrees Celsius (regular use)
- Desk top type in which heating furnace, chamber and temperature controller are all integrated
- Capable of rapid heating, cooling and clean heating with cold wall structure 
- Simple input of temperature recipe into computer connected with USB
- Display temperature data on the PC monitor during heating (The data can be saved in the text format.)


-Rapid thermal annealing of Si wafer and compound wafer
- Rapid thermal annealing of electronics material like substrates of optical CVD
- Heat treatment of glass substrates, ceramics and compound materials etc
- Thermal cycle test 
- Thermal annealing of metal materials
- Heat resistance evaluation of coating films
- Heating and drying of organic materials and resins


  Temperature range      
  RT to 1200 degrees Celsius(regular use)
  Maximum heating rate  
  50 degrees Celsius/s
  Heating atmosphere    
  Air, Vacuum, Inert gas
  Sample size  
  50mm(W) x 50mm(L) x 0.5 to 5mm (T)
  Temperature control    
  JIS K type thermocouple
  Lamp rating            
  AC 200V-4.8kW
  Standard safety features
  Thermocouple burnout, Over-temperature setting, Furnace body temperature sensor

  System size             

  450mm(W) x 492mm(D) x 219mm(H