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Syinco Technologies: Manufacturer, Sales, Service of Vacuum, Thermal, Thermoelectric Systems, Instuments, Components


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Thermal Analysis Evaluation System

Thermal property measuring systems

​Thermoelectric Evaluation System​

Thermal Conductivity Measurement System

Infrared gold image (IR) furnaces and RTA/RTP systems

​Iron & Steel/Steel Sheet Evaluation System

Nano thin film formation and Nano particle deposition systems

​Surface/Interface Property Evaluation System

Gas analysis systems

Microbial Activity Measurement System

Electric Generation System

Handy welders

Paid analysis

High temperature observation systems

Arc plasma deposition (APD) systems

Spark Plasma sintering (SPS) systems

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum gauges

Helium leak detectors

Residual gas analyzers

Vacuum coating systems

Helium leak checking systems

Vacuum freeze dryers

Vacuum analytical solutions

Medical Instruments and equipment

Spare parts

Consumables - Thermocouples, Crucibles, Materials